Carpet is still the flooring of choice for many homeowners where warmth and comfort are a priority in their decorating. We offer an array of styles and colors from America’s top carpet manufacturers. If you’d like, our professional staff can help you choose the right color and style for your lifestyle.
Carpet is still the flooring of choice or many homeowners where warmth and comfort are a priority in their decorating. Choosing the right color and style with confidence is easier if you have a basic understanding of today’s carpet fashions and how they apply to your personal tastes and lifestyle.
Carpet Color
Color is always first on our minds when it comes to choosing a floor. What should you consider:
  • How do you want the carpet to coordinate with your interior?
  • Should the carpet be the focal point or blend with your interior?
  • Light colors are best restricted to low traffic areas such as dining rooms, formal living rooms and guest bedrooms.
  • Multi-colored carpets are extremely effective in minimizing the effects of everyday dirt and soil.
Performance and Quality
High traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways, require durable carpets made of resilient fibers engineered to resist wear abrasions, crushing, and matting. Other areas, such as bedrooms and family rooms may have high traffic areas as well. Take a moment to inspect the carpet you are replacing before it is removed to identify high traffic areas in your home. In choosing your carpet, use the following information to fiber, textures and cushion as your guide.
Carpet Fiber
Clothing fabric and carpet are similar in a sense of performance and esthetics. The type of fiber used, the construction of the cloth, and the color all play a role in the styling, cost, and performance of that garment.
The most common fibers used in carpet today are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and natural fibers such as wool and sisal.
  • Nylon
  • Most frequently used carpet fiber since 1959
  • Highly desirable due to its exceptional durability, versatility, and reasonable pricing
  • Accounts for 65% of all face fibers in carpet
  • Abrasion resilient
  • Can be dyed in a variety of colors and made in numerous styles and textures
  • Commonly used in residential and commercial settings